Polarizes at least two
villages ;
Elements of a village farm:
Area: 10 ha fenced;
Equipped borehole, mixed operation
energy (generator and solar);
Drip irrigation system ;
Administration block and building
agronomy, storage warehouse ;
Toilets ;
2 blocks of 5 ha for market garden and forage crops;
Fruit trees.
Beneficiaries: young people and women from polarized villages ;
30 jobs created ;
Average annual income per
farmer: 1,050,000 FCFA


Family-owned :
Components of the
family farm:
Area: 1 to 2 ha;
1 wire fence ;
1 well ;
Solar energy for pumping ;
0.5 ha drip irrigation ;
1 henhouse ;
1 optional fish pond ;
Fruit trees ;
1 studio.
Beneficiary: young woman
with land ;
3 emplois créés ;
Average annual income
Beneficiary: 3,000,000 FCFA


Grouping of 10 farms
naatangué families in a
the same space, creating a
farming village.
Components of the Waar Wi :
Total area: 12 ha divided into plots
1 ha landscaped and fenced ;
2 boreholes equipped to supply
Solar energy for pumping ;
1 irrigation network with
plot ;
1 youth area in the center (meeting place,
entertainment, etc.);
1 studio in front of each plot
Beneficiaries: graduates of training ;
10 jobs created ;
Average annual income per
farmer: 3,000,000 FCFA.


Production basins where
groups of producers spontaneously and without waiting for the government assistance,
Surface area: hundreds of hectares divided into plots of varying sizes (from less than a hectare to several hectares).
Brief layout level :
mini borehole, well for irrigation Solar energy for pumping (introduced by ANIDA)
in a growing number of plots;
AFD supports these initiatives by contributing its expertise in the following areas
water mobilization and management
agriculture, infrastructure and
community facilities
(transformers, hangars, warehouses)
or individual (wells,
fence, pump, equipment
It also provides them with advisory support to help them formally structure their operations into an organization that improves their operations.


By the end of 2021, the total number of farms completed will amount to four hundred and ninety-seven (497) farms (204 Village Farms (FV), 223 Family Farms (FF), 7 waar-wi) and 6 Aires
Emerging Agriculture (AAE). The table below shows achievements by department and type.
operating :
1 waar-wi = 10 family farms


These operations generated 38,500 jobs.
Earnings well above target value (1,050,000 FCFA per producer/year) in
some farms such as Kirène with FCFA 1,600,000 and Tivaouane Peulh with FCFA 2,600,000.
Ongoing programs with partners:

  • 12 "Naatangué" village farms in partnership with PARIIS for a total of 1,325 billion FCFA ;
  • 300 family farms and 20 waar wi as Implementing Agency for PROVALE/CV in the amount of FCFA 5.6 billion ;
  • 70 "Naatangué" village farms as Implementing Agency for the PAPSEN for a total of 30 million euros.

The Agency is currently implementing the Projet d'Aménagement de Fermes Intégrées Valorisant Les Energies Renouvelables et Développement des Filières Horticoles (PAFIVER-FH), an essential component of the "XEYU NDAW NI" program financed by the State of Senegal at a total cost of 24 billion over 3 years, and executed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Equipment through ANIDA.
Expected project results by the end of 2023, without being exhaustive, are as follows:

  • 25 000 new jobs created and 3,000 jobs consolidated;
  • 70 new village farms with solar pumping systems;
  • 1700 family-run farms offering diversified production in all seasons;
  • Accompanying infrastructure 10 storage warehouses and 20 Km of trails produced ;
  • More 3000 ha of equipped areas per year;
  • 50 farms consolidated with solar power and modern irrigation systems.

More 60,000 tonnes/year of fruit and vegetables produced (i.e. 12 billion in sales).


All these programs, which are currently underway, will bring the total number of (1044) "naatangué" farms including 301 village farms, 373 family farms, 37 "waarwi" corresponding to 370 family farms and 6 Emerging Agricultural Areas (AAE) for an expected production of 80,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables, 100,000 liters of milk, 80 tons chickens and the creation of 60,000 jobs.